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Dear Friend,


My name is Janice Schwartz and I’ve been practicing massage therapy in Fairfield, CT for 22 years. As lead massage therapist in my Fairfield CT massage therapy office, your satisfaction is very important to me.



When you walk through the door in myFairfield CT massage therapy office, you get my personal attention and the benefit of many years of experience. When you’re looking for massage therapy in Fairfield CT, HealthTouch is the logical choice.


My clients voted my practice in the top three “Best Place to Get A Massage in Fairfield County” category in the “Fairfield County Weekly” reader’s poll. I am honored to be the only Fairfield CT massage therapy sole practitioner mentioned.


What You Get 


If you’ve been to a spa, and felt relaxed but no real difference in your pain or discomfort, a more therapeutic approach may be what you need. Most spa therapists in Connecticut specialize in relaxation. The massage therapy you’ll receive at HealthTouch is not your typical spa massage.


When you come to my office in Fairfield, Connecticut, you get a varied menu of massage techniques and styles to choose from including:


  1. Neuromuscular Therapy 
  2. Lymphatic Drainage 
  3. Scar Tissue Release 
  4. Trigger Point 
  5. Deep Tissue 
  6. Swedish 
  7. Pre/Natal 




“I haven’t had bad days with the pain & discomfort I was accustomed to.”

“Even though Janice calls herself a massage therapist, I think of her as so much more. Years ago, I discovered Neuromuscular Therapy and how much it helped my problem areas…. I began going to Janice when I didn’t feel well and needed work on my neck, shoulder and jaw muscles. Her sessions always made me feel much better.

“So recently, I committed to going on a regular basis so I could avoid those days when I had muscle spasms and pain. The difference in how I feel is amazing. Not only do I feel better on a regular basis, I also haven’t had bad days with the pain & discomfort I was accustomed to. This is why I view Janice and her Neuromuscular Therapy as necessity, as opposed to massages that are like a luxury.”

Christine O'Day -Realtor

One of the important things about massage therapy in Fairfield, CT: not only does it feel good, but the effects are cumulative. The more often you receive massage, the more benefits you experience and the better you feel.


Each session builds on the success of the last. Massage restores, rejuvenates, and improves your health and your ability to function.


One of the things my clients tell me they appreciate most is that I tailor each massage to their needs.


During your first appointment, I take a detailed history and then we talk about what you expect to gain from massage. Then we address each of your concerns in order of importance.


Among the benefits you can expect:


1. Reduction of anxiety, stress and harmful stress hormones: you’ll lose that frazzled, stressed out feeling and you’ll stay healthier because your immune system

will function more efficiently .                                                                


2. Better sleep:you’ll feel more alert, havemore energy and accomplish more during the day.


3. Increased sense of well-being and relaxation: you’ll experience a renewed enjoyment of life. 


4. Improved posture: you’ll look and feel younger. Your lungs will function more efficiently because there is more room for them to expand, so your body gets more oxygen, giving you greater energy. 


5. Reduction or elimination of pain: startenjoying your favorite activities again, whether it’s playing golf or running around with your kids.


6. Decrease in the discomfort, appearance and feel of scar tissue: pain willdiminish or disappear. Your scars will be flatter and less apparent. 


7. Increased circulation: massage allows better blood flow that increases concentration and reduces fatigue. 


Convenient hours and location just outside Fairfield center in Connecticut make it easy to make regular massage a part of your wellness routine.


Call now to set up your visit and start enjoying the benefits of Fairfield CT Massage Therapy today.


I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Be well,





Fairfield CT Massage Therapy




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Fairfield CT Massage Therapy





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